Fashion is about stories, by Victoria Eulaerts

By October 24, 2017
Today, we have the great pleasure to announce our partnership with the amazing illustrator Victoria Eulaerts. Why such an association? Because fashion is so much more than just clothes…

Story to Line is born because of Millie Rolin Jacquemyns’ (Founder of Story to Line) strong belief that fashion is about stories. Today, fast fashion is all around us and garments don’t have the same meaning as before. Millie wants to emphasis the importance of beautiful, perfectly made and ethical clothes, accessories.

The creation, the story, the designers and their universe, are all that really matters here. We want every purchase to have a meaning and create a particular satisfaction. That’s why on Story to Line we try to give you a glimpse of the inspirations behind each brand. We want you to fall in love with fashion, with a designer, an aesthetic, a garment.

In this set of mind, what more accurate than to associate ourselves with the talented Victoria Eulaerts?







Fashion is about poetry and art and that’s exactly what the illustrator makes us feel with her artwork. Her ambition is to express feelings and stories rather than perfection. That’s what makes her work so charming. Vibrant colours are present in each of her art pieces.

The Fashion thought of the week” will be weekly released with a new illustration. Story to Line wants to add some poetry and sensibility to the online boutique and label by offering to Victoria Eulaerts a special tab. Every illustration made by the artist will represents an item available on Story to Line. Furthermore, each drawings associate a tale with the product depicts.

“A poetic world made of Story to Line’s accessories and garments is opening to you.”

You can already discover a wonderful video that expresses the marvellous universe of Story to Line created by the artist.

We hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!



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